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Rich was born and raised in Southern California due to his parent's poor geographic planning. After attending Chapman University and graduating with two degrees for the price of one, he went to work for Wells Fargo Bank. Rich transitioned into the residential mortgage industry with IndyMac, and as soon as he was able, headed to Texas. When asked what brought him to Texas, Rich often responds "A Ford Expedition."

Rich started working with the public at the ripe age of six, when his grandfather dragged him out to the Orange Swap meet to sell brushes, combs and gloves. From that moment on (actually, from the time he really woke up on) he has enjoyed helping people get what they want. This gave Rich the essential skill of calculating change in his head. Nowadays, cashiers look at him funny when he hands them too much money so that he can deal with less coins in his pocket.

Rich is very active in his community volunteering to help those with special needs, doing outreach work and generally just showing up when needed. After the Hurricane Harvey and the flood of 2015, Rich and his trusty F150 could be seen running around Meyerland helping all those that he could. In his spare time, Rich volunteers as a dispatcher with Hotzalah of Houston, is actively involved with Toastmasters, BNI and enjoys fishing, cooking, reading and great coffee.

Rich is married to the most amazing woman in the world (Mom now takes 2nd place… sorry Mom) and has 4 adorable puppies, Beau, Jelly, Layla, and Her Highness, the Duchess of York Peppermint Patties. Rich lives in Southwest Houston.